Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an open platform where your videos reach the right people from the industry.

How do I upload my video in

It is a simple process. It’s as follows:
1.    Create an Account on Banja
2.    Choose your file/recording from the folder.
3.    Provide us with an appropriate Title and Category
4.    Upload the File
5.    Wait for Moderation

Is it guaranteed that I may get an Opportunity? does not guarantee any opportunity but is the only platform that helps you identify some opportunities.

Is it possible for me to upload more than one video? does not limit you with a number of Videos. You may upload as many as you like.

Is there a File Size or time limit for the videos?

We can only allow a maximum size of 50Mb.

How much time does it take for my videos to be available on the website?
Post uploading the video goes through a very strict moderation process which may take about 8-16 hours depending on traffic.

Do I need to provide contact details?
Yes it is mandatory, so that those waiting to provide opportunities to you are able to reach out to you. However, the contact details are kept confidential and are only shown to a specific set of people who are interested in accessing talent.