About Us

BanjaHero.com is a unique E Commerce venture
A dedicated platform that aims to solve the problems of millions of talented performers. Talent of varied categories exist in the far reaching corners of the globe. It needs support; it needs spotting; it needs showcasing. Banja Hero.com now creates a Highway which discovers and displays the humungous wealth of talent.

We showcase your abilities to other half of the world
which is on the lookout for you.
You have the skills & we have created the window to
fly you into the popularity terrain.
All you need to do is to film your talent and UPLOAD
it on BanjaHero.com.
We take it from there...
The rest as they say will create History.

BanjaHero.com works as a boon for those who are perennially on the lookout for Fresh faces, Raw talent and the Untapped magic. You have been spending time money and energy in your quest to find the next big thing. With millions attracted to showcase their performances on videos; you now have the one stop shop.
- Tera Chance Idhaar Hai...